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An introduction to multivariate statistical analysis

Anderson, Theodore Wilbur

An introduction to multivariate statistical analysis T. W. Anderson - 3. ed. - Hoboken, NJ [u.a.] Wiley 2003 - XX, 721 S. : graph. Darst. - Wiley series in probability and mathematical statistics .

MAB0014.001: PIK M 311-08-0270 MAB0036: m

Contents: 1. Introduction.2. The Multivariate Normal Distribution.3. Estimation of the Mean Vector and the Covariance Matrix.4. The Distributions and Uses of Sample Correlation Coefficients.5. The Generalized T^2-Statistic.6. Classification of Observations.7. The Distribution of the Sample Covariance Matrix and the Sample Generalized Variance.8. Testing the General Linear Hypothesis: Multivariate Analysis of Variance9. Testing Independence of Sets of Variates.10. Testing Hypotheses of Equality of Covariance Matrices and Equality of Mean Vectors and Covariance Matrices.11. Principal Components.12. Cononical Correlations and Cononical Variables.13. The Distributions of Characteristic Roots and Vectors.14. Factor Analysis.15. Pattern of Dependence; Graphical Models.Appendix A: Matrix Theory.Appendix B: Tables.


Statistische Analyse
Multivariate Analyse


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