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Fundamentals of Global Positioning System Receivers [Elektronische Ressource] (Record no. 88719)

MARC details
000 -Satzkennung
Kontrollfeld mit fester Länge 02708nam a22002297a 4500
001 - Kontrollnummer
Kontrollfeld 99762
003 - Kontrollnummer Identifier
Kontrollfeld DE-B103
008 - Feld mit fester Länge zur physischen Beschreibung - Allgemeine Angaben
Kontrollfeld mit fester Länge 060919|2005 xx ||||| |||| 00| 0 ||| d
020 ## - Internationale Standardbuchnummer
Internationale Standardbuchnummer 0471712582
Bezugsbedingungen electronic bk.
020 ## - Internationale Standardbuchnummer
Gelöschte/ungültige ISBN 0-471-38154-3
035 ## - Systemkontrollnummer
System-Kontrollnummer (DE-101)501567674
040 ## - Katalogisierungsquelle
Übertragungsstelle DE-B103
100 1# - Haupteintragung - Personenname
Personenname Tsui, James Bao-Yen
Koha-Normdatenidentnummer 25117
245 10 - Titel
Titel Fundamentals of Global Positioning System Receivers [Elektronische Ressource]
Zusatz zum Titel a software approach
Verfasserangabe etc. James Bao-Yen Tsui
250 ## - Ausgabebezeichnung
Ausgabebezeichnung 2nd ed.
260 ## - Publikation, Vertrieb usw. (Erscheinungsvermerk)
Erscheinungsort, Vertriebsort etc. Hoboken, NJ
Name des Verlags, des Vertriebs etc. Wiley-Interscience
Erscheinungsjahr, Vertriebsjahr etc. 2005
300 ## - Physische Beschreibung
Umfang XVI, 352 S.
Andere physische Details graph. Darst.
490 0# - Gesamttitelangabe
Gesamttitelangabe Wiley series in microwave and optical engineering
500 ## - Allgemeine Fußnote
Allgemeine Fußnote MAB0036: m
520 8# - Fußnote zu Zusammenfassungen usw.
Fußnote zur Zusammenfassung usw. All the expert guidance you need to understand, build, and operate GPS receivers. The Second Edition of this acclaimed publication enables readers to understand and apply the complex operation principles of global positioning system (GPS) receivers. Although GPS receivers are widely used in everyday life to aid in positioning and navigation, this is the only text that is devoted to complete coverage of their operation principles. The author, one of the foremost authorities in the GPS field, presents the material from a software receiver viewpoint, an approach that helps readers better understand operation and that reflects the forecasted integration of GPS receivers into such everyday devices as cellular telephones. Concentrating on civilian C/A code, the book provides the tools and information needed to understand and exploit all aspects of receiver technology as well as relevant navigation schemes: * Overview of GPS basics and the constellation of satellites that comprise the GPS system * Detailed examination of GPS signal structure, acquisition, and tracking * Step-by-step presentation of the mathematical formulas for calculating a user's position * Demonstration of the use of computer programs to run key equations * Instructions for developing hardware to collect digitized data for a software GPS receiver * Complete chapter demonstrating a GPS receiver following a signal flow to determine a user's position. The Second Edition of this highly acclaimed text has been greatly expanded, including three new chapters: * Acquisition of weak signals * Tracking of weak signals * GPS receiver related subjects. Following the author's expert guidance and easy-to-follow style, engineers and scientists learn all that is needed to understand, build, and operate GPS receivers. The book's logical flow from basic concepts to applications makes it an excellent textbook for upper-level undergraduate and graduate students in electrical engineering, wireless communications, and com
942 ## - Zusätzliche Felder (Koha)
Klassifikation oder Aufstellungssystematik Systematik (1995), verkürzte Version (2003)

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